Bishopdale Store is open under Level 2 conditions

 We will all need to work together to ensure we remain compliant with Level 2 requirements.

We have a small store so we will all need to be patient, please don’t all rush in at 9 on Thursday.

The doors will be open, and we would ask you to follow these guidelines:

Shop alone please

Look inside, if there are more than two shoppers inside please wait until someone leaves

When you are inside, please avoid touching surfaces and picking things up and then putting them back down

If you purchase, then we will have your details in our system and can provide this contact log to the health authorities if needed; if you don’t purchase (I know you will) then we must get you to fill in a contact form . We will not use your information for any purpose other than to provide to the health authorities.

If you are ill, please do not come shopping

Please be patient, we will try and serve you as quickly as we can

If you have a grain order, can you let Jamie or Emma know as soon as you come into the shop, that will reduce waiting times.

If mail orders continue to be as popular, we will add additional staff to process orders 

Thanks for your online support, as a small business it has been a huge boost to our cashflow which missed 6 weeks trading and we look forward to seeing you in store.


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