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Produced from quality spring barley. High degree of modification of both proteins and starches. Excellent friability. Low beta-glucan values. Highly acidic. Highly malt-aromatic. Adds deep-amber to red-brown color, maltiness, body, and mouthfeel to finished beer. Promotes flavor stability.

Beer Style: Dubbel; Ale; Belgian-Style Abbey Ale; Belgian- and French-Style Ale; Belgian-Style
Strong Specialty Ale; Belgian Specialty Beers; Belgian ôBlondeö Beers; Belgian
ôBruinö Beers; Festbiere; Belgian Amber Beers; Belgian Ales; Fruit Beers; Tripel;

Flavor: Intense malt aroma; notes of honey, nuts and chocolate.

Raw Material: Spring barley, Germany

Ingredients: Barley, water.

Parameter Minimum Maximum Unit
Moisture content 4.5 %
Extract (dry substance)  75 %
Color  40 50 EBC
Color  16 19 Lovibond