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Distillers Malt

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Gladfield Distillers Malt is a premium malt produced exclusively from 2-row distilling barley varieties with the right nitrogen content. The barley has been gently kilned to preserve enzyme content and the resulting malt has both high extract and diastatic power. Distillers Malt will add malty, sweet flavours to the finished whisky. Our Distillers Malt is primarily suited to single malt distilling and can be used in conjunction with GladfieldÆs Mild Peat Smoked or Manuka Smoked Malts if required.

EBC Test MethodSpecificationTypical Analysis
Moisture (max) %53
Extract - Fine Dry min%8081
Extract - Coarse Dry80
Extract - Fine As-is79
Extract - Coarse As-is78
Saccharification time1010
Wort Colour
Total Nitrogen (%)1.4 - 1.71.65
Kolbach Index38 - 4340
pH5.8 - 65.9
Diastatic Power (WK) min.240265
FAN (mg/l) min120125
Friability (min) %8588
Glassy Corns (max) %0.5
P.U.G. (max) %1