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German Pilsner

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Produced from quality two-row spring barley. Perfect foundation grist for all lagers. Excellent
modification and favorable protein and glucan levels. Excellent lautering properties. Provides
finished beer with substantial body and mouthfeel, as well as good foam development and head
retention. Yields optimum results for any process from single-step to multistep
infusion, to decoction. Flavor: malty-sweet and gentle notes of honey

Beer style: alcohol-reduced Beer; all other beer types; Pils; non-alcoholic Beer;

Moisture content5%
Extract (dry substance)80.5%
Boiled wort color45.5EBC
Boiled wort color2.12.6Lovibond
Protein (dry substance)9.511.5%
Kolbach Index3642.5%
Hartong Index 45?C3541%
Saccharification time15min
Viscosity (8.6%)1.58m Pa s
Glassy Kernels2.5%