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Munich Malt

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Our Munich Malt is perfect for brewing classic malty continental lagers and robust ales.

Gladfield  Munich Malt is germinated using barley with a slightly higher nitrogen content to create more intense colour through greater Maillard reactions. This is achieved by allowing higher levels of moist air recirculation and low temperatures to occur during the early and intermediate stages of the kilning cycle followed by a final long high temperature cycle.
This kilning process results in a malt which is rich, sweet, toasty and imparts a biscuit flavour with a touch of breadiness. Our Munich Malt imparts a deep orange colour and a malty, toasted, nutty, grainy flavour to the brewed beer.

EBC Test MethodSpecificationTypical Analysis
Moisture (max) %53
Extract - Fine Dry min%7981
Extract - Coarse Dry79.5
Extract - Fine As-is79
Extract - Coarse As-is77.8
Saccharification time1010
Wort Colour14 - 1714.5
Total Nitrogen (%)1.6 - 1.81.65
Kolbach Index37 - 4340
pH5.6 - 5.95.9
Diastatic Power (WK) min.160170
FAN (mg/l) min120125
Friability (min) %8588
Glassy Corns (max) %0.5
P.U.G. (max) %1