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Pilsner Malt

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Gladfield Pilsner Malt (also known as Lager Malt) is made from 2-row English and European bred barley varieties. Only plump low-protein barley are used to make our Pilsner Malt. This style of barley produces higher extracts and helps eliminate potential protein haze issues in the beer. Our carefully controlled kilning gives a clean malty character without adding too much colour. Pilsner or Lager Malt can be used to produce ales as well as lagers. This malt does have sufficient diastatic power to convert the addition of 10-20% coloured malts to the mash, but it is not designed for large amounts of unmalted adjuncts. Brewers should also note that it is important that the mash pH is controlled properly to obtain the best efficiencies and outcomes in the finished beer.

EBC Test MethodSpecificationTypical Analysis
Moisture (max) %53.5
Extract - Fine Dry min%7981
Extract - Coarse Dry80.8
Extract - Fine As-is78.5
Extract - Coarse As-is77.5
Saccharification time1010
Wort Colour3.2 - 43.8
Total Nitrogen (%)1.4 - 1.71.6
Kolbach Index35 - 4139
pH5.7 - 66
Diastatic Power (WK) min.240250
FAN (mg/l) min120130
Friability (min) %8594
Glassy Corns (max) %20.6
P.U.G. (max) %51.0