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Ultra 1000 Condenser

Ultra 1000 Condenser

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The introduction of the Ultra 1000 means that the distillation process is now crystal clear. No more guessing as to what is happening inside the still.

The simplicity of the Ultra 1000's Flow Management System also makes it a very versatile condenser. The user has full control of the speed and quality production.

The Ultra 1000 can be run in a high reflux mode producing 95% ABV. With the turn of a screw, it can be run as a pot condenser for stripping runs etc, or it can be set anywhere in-between!

Being able to see exactly what is going on in the condenser makes troubleshooting any problems. The effect of cooling water flow rate is also instantly visible.

The Ultra 1000 Glass Reflux Column will run with any boiler up to a power level of 2000 watts. All it needs is a mounting hole of 46 - 48mm diameter in the lid.

The Ultra 1000 is made from laboratory grade Borosilicate glass. This makes it surpsingly robust, easily withstanding the stresses of the distillation process and general handling.

  • Produces high purity alcohol up to 95%
  • Easy assembly and simple to use
  • Fast alcohol production and high yield
  • Copper condenser for odour free spirit
  • Made from borosilicate laboratory glass, silicon, stainless steel and copper
  • Includes digital temperature probe