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Gladfield Vienna Malt is made using a blend of winter and spring barley varieties with a higher nitrogen content. Our germination and kilning results in a sweeter, malty character with a golden to orange colouring that is slightly darker than our Ale Malt. Vienna Malt imparts hints of toasts or biscuit malt aromas and flavours to the finished beer. Due to its light colour, Vienna Malt is very versatile and compliments a wide range of other malts. Our Vienna Malt has a kiwi twist but still has the usual characteristics of typical Vienna malt and is ideal for brewing darker lagers or Mõrzen style beers. We have found our Vienna Malt combines particularly well with our Gladiator Malt and Toffee Malt, and gives a big white head and a lovely golden colour to make a very drinkable session beer.

EBC Test MethodSpecificationTypical Analysis
Moisture (max) %53.5
Extract - Fine Dry min%7980.5
Extract - Coarse Dry79
Extract - Fine As-is78
Extract - Coarse As-is77
Saccharification time1010
Wort Colour6.5 - 8.56.8
Total Nitrogen (%)1.6 - 1.81.65
Kolbach Index37 - 4340
pH5.6 - 5.95.9
Diastatic Power (WK) min.200210
FAN (mg/l) min120140